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Victoria to end its native timber logging industry

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* November 2019 - The Victorian government announces it will end native logging in the state by 2030

* January 2020 - Warburton Environment Inc launches a Supreme Court action against VicForests for failing to comply with regulations, alleging the company illegally harvested the endangered tree geebung

* September 2021 - Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan announces native logging will be banned in the state from the end of 2023.

The move is expected to cost 400 timber industry jobs

* November 2021 - Private investigator Alan Davey reveals to the ABC he has been hired by VicForests to follow and uncover "dirt" on environmentalist Sarah Rees.

VicForests board of directors commissions an external investigation into the claims

* May 2022 - Supreme Court hearings begin in Environment East Gippsland and Kinglake Friends of the Forest's case against VicForests for failing to adequately survey for two endangered possum species

* August 2022 - The Sustainable Forests Timber Amendment Act passes the Victorian parliament.

The law brings harsher penalties to protesters on logging sites and gives authorised officers additional powers to search containers, bags and vehicles for prohibited items

* September 2022 - The Victorian government announces a $120 million investment to plant an extra 16 million soft timber trees in a new estate with Hancock Victorian Plantations

* October 2022 - The Victorian auditor general releases a report finding gaps in VicForests' data prevented the Office of the Conservation Regulator from assessing non-compliance in native forest harvesting

* October 2022 - The Supreme Court finds VicForests illegally logged in areas home to endangered tree geebungs, grants injunctions preventing logging in the central highlands

* November 2022 - The Supreme Court finds VicForests failed to meet its legal obligations to adequately survey for greater gliders and yellow-bellied gliders while harvesting in East Gippsland in eastern Victoria.

The court grants injunctions until VicForests improves its survey practices

* December 2022 - VicForests posted a loss of $52.4 million in the 2012/22 financial year as it navigated legal challenges, stand-down payments and compensation for failing to supply customers

* January 2023 - Maryvale Mill produces its last ream of copy paper on January 21.

It's owner, Japanese-owned Opal Australian Paper, announces it will end white paper production but continue to make brown paper and penipu board to supply its packaging division

* February 2023 - Opal Australian Paper closes its Maryvale paper mill, citing a lack of hardwood.

The closure of Australia's last white paper mill leads to 200 job losses

* March 2023 - VicForests trials drones to survey for endangered gliders, which seem unfazed by the technique

* May 2023 - The Victorian government announces Victorian native logging will end in 2024, six years earlier than expected, with workers and infrastructure to be supported with a $200 million transition package


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오는 15일 수요일 밤 방송되는 MBC ‘라디오스타’(기획 강영선/연출 김명엽 황윤상)는김도현, 김남희, 티파니 영, 최재림이 출연하는 ‘배우 보석함’ 특집으로

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